History, Symptoms and Preventive Measures of Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19)

In 1968, term ‘coronavirus’ was first coined. It shows crown-like morphology when observed under electron microscope. CoVs are
summarized into four genera such as Alphacoronavirus, Betacoronavirus, Gammacoronavirus and Deltacoronavirus. Betacoronavi-
rus was further classified into four lineages A, B, C and D. Total 06 species of human coronaviruses have been discovered including
OC43, 229E, NL63, HKU1, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. A novel (new) coronavirus is recently discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan
city of China. The coronavirus belongs to family- Coronaviridae; largest family in Nidovirales order. Chinese authority declared it as
a novel coronavirus (nCoV-19). MERS-CoV was detected in camel serum- being almost identical to human coronaviruses. Bats have
been a natural reservoir of coronaviruses lineages and thought as ancestor for all coronavirus lineages. In India, 9 deaths have been
reported till 24 March 2020.

Structure of nCoV-19

Mode of transmission
It transmits form one body to another by following means:
• Coughing/exhaling (droplets spread-out in approximate-
ly 1 meter area)
• Passively touching the contaminated surfaces (desks, tab-
lets, telephones etc.)
• Shaking hands and touching eyes, nose and mouth (with
• Engaging with animals/pets or animal products.

• High Fever
• Dry Cough
• Dyspnea (breathing difficulty)
• Headache
• Body pain
• Pneumonia.

Preventive measures
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India (GOI) aware
citizens with ‘Do The Five’: Help stop coronavirus (and W.H.O.) in-
cludes as follows:
• Wash hand frequently
• Cough into Elbow
• Don’t touch face
• Keep safe distance/space
• Stay at home, if you can

You one world, next one another!

It’s very common that sometimes we get agitated over a event that really don’t matter. We stood to start not generally talking but gossiping on topics that may not belong the mankind even and burn a lots of priceless moments.

M. Bran, used to get panic freely by a single, small and non-happening thing.

Once M. Bran”almost men don’t think about sincerity by applying which they could be benefitted. How Senseless they are?

Alex replied, “don’t see their shits always they do without admitting right ways of doings. By doing this; would get unhealthy scenario and not ease in life. But when you refer or say, you just get involved in them and be out from your zone of ease and joy of course”.

Alex included “compare the things- they are liable to change/update themselves but you lose your peace of mind”.

After hearing it, M. Bran said “yes, dear Alex I was losing my most precious peace of mind for some of nonsense. Really, it was a loss for me”.

Always, think you are one world which seems your ideals, path, ways, desires and motives without bothering others lives. Rest ones are another, where they wish to change by some liberty or would remain same as they were born.

‘Be your world, not street of another’.

Greetings! holy month-Ramadan Kareem 2020

Ramadan is a holy month of Islamic calendar in which whole Muslims practice fast from early morning (before sunrise) till evening (after sunset).

In this period, Islamic believers worship of Allah, read holy Qur’an.

Holy Qur’an came in the month of Ramadan that makes it more pious than other. Qur’an is the message from Almighty Allah to entire mankind to seek to Peace, Health, Kindness, Wealth and all. Holy verses of Qur’an teaches us to be kind to every soul of earth by giving a concealed charity to poor and needy. We learn how to practice a great living by adding harmony, care and love and by eliminating jealousy, hatred and evil thoughts.

Caring to others in the form of feeding, new clothes and wealth is much appreciated and same we hope to get back from Almighty Allah.

The pious fasting and prayers becomes meaningless without giving a hidden charity, kindness to fellow neighbors, relatives or any other who really needs irrespective of religion.

Holy Qur’an and Ramadan teaches us to practice Compassion, Happiness and Love to entire lives.

Arnab Goswami: the face of misleading not unbiased journalism?

Republic TV’s chief editor Mr Arnab Goswami was caught barking at Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (INC Chief) after three Saints lynched (killed by mob). For which everyone condemn and urge fair investigation soon; 101 people has been arrested for the same.

Unfortunately, he is not able to ask the question from ruling party or government regarding this insane and humanity distortion act done by some senseless people. Besides asking to government, he loses his frustration over Mrs. Sonia Gandhi- the wife of Ex PM and martyr Rajiv Gandhi. The BJP working for 6 years, whole India is under whom control, but still turns the fact.

What PM, HM and other central ministers are not considered as truthful as raised Mrs. Sonia Gandhi?

Does he believe that rulers can’t abandon these situations?

What a joke of journalism? Till his entire discussion he shouldn’t have talk about government that what rules are made against such crimes? What is preparation/policies of government to deal such cowards?

But he is busy in making the fact, out of context. In spite of asking to right and Dutiful ones, asks to her- a son senseless provoking and wanted to disperse hate and irrelevant things among society and by keeping out with real minds behind this brutality.

Arnab should again learn how to practice Journalism of unbiased and fair.

Does friendship means retaliation! or PM Mr. Modi got feared to PM Mr. Trump ??

As ever said, friendship concerns with 
dwelling of thoughts in friends without a point to Retaliate or Revenge. I always heard that best way to know truly someone is nothing but focusing to see actions he/she performs, not the words or promises. Just prior two months, Indian PM Mr. Modi made such a fabulous welcome as Indian culture teaches us since ancient era- Guests are forms of angels, even by arranging such a huge attendees and by all possible ways. 

But think, what US President Mr. Trump did well? So, what we should accept and consider the new definition given by Mr. Trump: Friendship means retaliation. If personally I see, his remark over Mr. Modi was just insane. We never can imagine that anyone (whom) we call our best friend and he announces to prepare for revenge/retaliate. But, this made as clear as  water of lake, to all of us that Mr. Trump again gave the demo of believing himself the superpower of the world. It also made clear to understand, he just fulfills his need prior others (lives).  
PM Mr. Modi should understand him just a business partner like Russia, Iran, China, Malaysia nothing beyond it; not a friend at least. If stock Hydroxychloroquine was sufficient then why Indian government made ban over it? If not so enough then why ban lifted up over a single retaliation dialogue?  The things, now coming from Mr. Trump is just to make fool again PM Mr. Modi and Indians too. 

According to me, Mr. Modi is Prime Minister of second most large democratic country, he must keep upright, voice of every citizen and Nation ever as 130 Cr population is withstand by Mr. Modi’s side.   

Doubtless, India should lead their open path of development without begging to any developed country. It must think to facilitate GDP, huge jobs opportunities, improve worst economy status by giving value to all faiths equally and apply  all together, all development, all beliefs in real. 

Impact of nutritious diet, exercise on health for better survival

Certainly, life (living) is as valuable as nothing since it gives u sense to feel and recognize every single esteemed simplicity while living. Nothing can be contrasted and never and sound and happy occupation. Post more joyful living, it empowers you to go past and urge others to come and feel rhythms of life what at any point had wished (envision) for. 

Morning exercise

Life is all which occurs after birth, yet starts in the wake of being careful and stays till final gasp. Each happy and distress just concerns while life endures. Life must be centered first-everything is exclusively started through it and affectionately living can never be reclaimed even by paying whole riches. To be objective situated is as fundamental as taste salt, in nourishment. Incredible kind of information, adjusted nutritious eating routine and solid vision are first worthful segments for more advantageous living. 

Balanced diet

As it’s all around stated, that sound brain lives in healthy body just assorted activities fortifying body are exceptionally fundamental and liable for tireless acheless life and invigorated much by including an a reflection. As exercise is expected to body, comparatively reflection remains nourishment for mental status by encouraging arrival of an assortment of synapses, for example, dopamine, serotonin through catecholamines (biogenic amines) antecedents too. A gallant proverb (point) consistently pushes upward and makes a diplomat in craft of living. As being fearless is fundamental by same, being unassuming and genuine is obligatory. Right now, step ought to be lead by all knowledge and freedom to each related to you. Elevating poors, giving penniless and serving mankind: a starter thought behind prosperous and ecstatic life. We never can look for kindness until we demonstrate leniency to other humankind, creatures and so forth. 

Vigorous exercises to tighten body’s cores

Training is not accommodating until it get applied with heavenly and all religions cherishing belief system at a solitary stage. Man is social. Every single person are siblings in the middle of and letting it out we can be novel reason behind dying down the torment to each life. Do great and stand side to great practitioners; unquestionably all insidious demonstrations would be annihilated from society and world. Life is as wonderful as ever suspected and just wins soon after clearing off dissolving.

Best foods for Type I and Type II Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar)

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic endocrinal disorder, identified by hyperglycemia (increased blood glucose level), hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol level) and polyuria (increased urination frequency).

Healthy foods

Best way to control diabetes is to take healthy diets and adding exercises by following effects:

1. to boost the Secretion of insulin from pancreas (Beta cells).

2. It also facilitates the sensitivity of receptors for insulin known as ‘tyrosine kinase’.

There is a list of healthy foods in 3 ways, as follows:

1. To be eaten (more) frequently

Brown Rice

Whole wheat

All Vegetables

Diverse Fruits

Various colored, shaped Beans

2. To be avoided (harmful)




Fruit juice


Soft drinks

3. To be eaten (with less harm)







Way to exercise body

Always add some sorts of exercises strengthening abdomen, cardiac, pelvic regions. Add sum of these food stuffs to maintain healthy livings and ease life with true comfort and health.

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